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Tucson Values Teachers (TVT) is a partnership of business, education, and individuals with a shared mission of helping schools and districts attract, retain, and support the very best teachers for every K-12 classroom in Southern Arizona. We recognize the critical role teachers play in student achievement and the vital public awareness of the value of the teaching profession, and provide professional development programs and classroom support to teachers.

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Striving for change.

We’re aiming to transform the way our region values its most important asset: the teachers who are developing the next generation of community leaders and contributors. Educational excellence is one of the keys to boldly secure and shape our region’s destiny.

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Why do we do this?

Decades of research show that a quality teacher in the classroom is the single most critical factor to student success. Teachers matter more to student achievement than any other aspect of schooling – including things like class size, standards, assessments and curriculum. Yet fewer teachers are entering the profession and fewer are staying – nearly 50 percent of new teachers leave teaching in the first 5 years and one in four Arizona teachers is eligible for retirement by 2018.

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Teacher Discount Card

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Making Action Possible

The MAP Dashboard project was created to measurably improve Southern Arizona through data driven collective civic action and education.

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