Thank you to our Arizona Gives Day donors!

Tucson Values Teachers appreciates all of the support we received during Arizona Gives Day. Because of the generous donations from community members, we raised $3,563! Thank you to the following donors:

4 Anonymous
Jeff Atwater
Scott Baker
Wannette Barron
Angela Caballero
Sam Deneke
Tom and Jess Edelbrock
Matt Farris
Andy Heinemann
JP Jones in Tribute to Sophia McGinnis Jones
Margaret Anne Knight in Tribute to Margaret C. Knight
Kelly Ann Larkin
Jeff & Natalie McConnell
Patrick Nelson
Nancy Smith
Brian Stewart
Jeff and Terresa Tauzin
Southern New Hampshire University
Shelley Watson in Honor of past, present and future teachers!


Teachers in Industry

Teachers in Industry is the innovative business-education partnership that places experienced classroom teachers in your workforce during the summer. Priority application deadline is Jan. 31, 2019.

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Why we do this

Teachers have a powerful and lasting influence on the students they teach – more than any other aspect of schooling. Yet today’s teachers are challenged like never before.

Fewer teachers are entering the profession and fewer are staying. Arizona is losing more teachers than it is producing from its three universities. Nearly one in four teachers leaves teaching in the first year, and more than 40 percent are gone after just three years.

Not only are teachers underpaid, they also feel they aren’t valued or respected by the community, that they’re not trusted to do their jobs without micromanagement, and that the time commitment is overwhelming. It’s time to change that!

Sources: ASU Morrison Institute 2017 study; TVT 2015 Teacher Workforce Study, MAP AZ Dashboard


How do teachers spend their days?

64.2 average total hours per week

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Making Action Possible

The MAP Dashboard project was created to measurably improve Southern Arizona through data driven collective civic action and education.

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High-quality teachers are the most influential factor to improve student achievement

Arizona ranks 50th for national median elementary teacher pay.

Ongoing professional support and competitive salaries impact teacher retention.

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