Teacher Excellence Award Winners

Adrianne Graziano, May 2017 Teacher Excellence Award Winner

Adrianne Graziano

Congratulations Ms. Graziano, who was awarded a Teacher Excellence Award for May 2017 during Teacher Appreciation Week. Ms. Graziano is a second grade teacher at Esmond Station Iron Horses K-8 in the Vail School District. She received flowers and a plaque from TVT, a $100 gift card from Office Depot/OfficeMax, a Ben’s Bell, and pizza for her classroom, courtesy of Humble Pie!

Ms. Graziano was nominated by Maritza Torres, who says, “Ms. Graziano made such a difference in my son’s life. She was able to see his potential and identify ways of making that happen. It was the little things that made such a huge difference in his self-esteem. In a room with so many students, she spent the right amount of time to make sure he could keep up with the rest of the class. He was diagnosed with ADHD toward the end of the year and she made sure that all the little things she had done would be recorded in his 504 plan for the following year. My son is finally thriving and got on the honor roll this year.”

Kudos to you, Adrianne! Thanks for all you do!

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