Teacher Excellence Award Winners

Nicole Ramirez, September 2017 Teacher Excellence Award Winner

Congratulations Nicole Ramirez! Ms. Ramirez–a 5th grade teacher at Manzo Elementary School in Tucson Unified School District–received the September 2017 Teacher Excellence Award! She received flowers and a plaque from TVT, and school supplies along with a $100 gift card from Office Depot/OfficeMax!

Ms. Ramirez was nominated by Brandy Martin, her former student teacher and current co-teacher at Manzo! In her nomination, Ms. Martin said, “Ms. Ramirez works around the clock. Not only does she care for 45 students she cares for a 3 year old boy and her elderly mom at home. She has been teaching for 15 years and has put in so much of her own money she deserves recognition for all she does. I student taught with her and now have the honor to work beside her. Please recognize my friend and colleague for building family teams and enlightening minds everyday!

Congrats, Ms. Ramirez!

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