Teacher Excellence Awards

Tucson Values Teachers and OfficeMax/Office Depot are partnering to shine a spotlight on individual teachers who bring that extra something special into the classroom.

Please let us know about a teacher that you believe deserves special recognition, one who goes above and beyond in the classroom each day.

Just fill out the form below. The only requirement is that you nominate a K-12 teacher who works in Southern Arizona. Each month we will select one teacher who will receive the award, a $100 gift card from OfficeMax/Office Depot, a bag of school supplies, a $250 cash award from TVT, and a festive surprise presentation arranged by Tucson Values Teachers and OfficeMax/Office Depot.


What teachers are saying...

“Tucson Values Teachers is an amazing local support for Tucson teachers and school leaders. Thank you TVT!”


What teachers are saying...

“A FANTASTIC organization with a mission to praise, reward, and recognize teachers for the incredible work they do each and every day for the sake of our future!”

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